Annual Membership


Membership Details

  • The membership of ACMAP will comprise representatives from academic, government, and private entities engaged in research, education, production, handling, product(s) development and marketing of medicinal / nutraceutical / bioactive plants.
  • To be eligible for ACMAP membership, the representatives from any of the entities will be actively involved in various activities relevant to ACMAP.
  • Full membership includes 2 free submissions to JMAP.
  • Student membership is for full-time undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral research associates. 
  • Each member will be paying annual dues as set forth by the membership vote. Furthermore, each paid membership will have voting right at the annual and/or called meetings.
  • Membership will be based on a yearly basis, with dues commencing on the 1st of January of the current year.
  • Membership shall be revoked if member is in arrears of dues by more than 6 months (1 July of dues year).
  • Membership will be reinstated upon payment of back dues.
  • Membership fees will initially be used to fund operating expenses and annual meetings.